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Healthcare Online For Dummies
        Table of Contents

Cover of Healthcare Online For Dummies Here's the Table of Contents from our book, Healthcare Online For Dummies, (Hungry Minds, Inc., $6.16).

The book is available online from amazon.com at www.amazon.com as well as your favorite offline bookstore.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Henry J. Heimlich, M.D., creator of the Heimlich Maneuver


Part I: Getting Started
Chapter 1 Getting Ready to Pan for Health Gold Online
Chapter 2 Tools for Finding Health Information Online

Part II: Tapping into the Power of the Web
Chapter 3: Finding Dr. Right
Chapter 4: Locating the Best Hospital
Chapter 5: Navigating the Health Insurance Maze

Part III: Researching Your Medical Concerns Online
Chapter 6: Researching a Disease Step-by-Step
Chapter 7: Researching and Buying Medicines
Chapter 8: Researching Alternative Medicine

Part IV: Using the Web to Research Major Illnesses
Chapter 9: Heart Disease and Stroke Chapter 10: Cancer
Chapter 11: Diabetes
Chapter 12: Arthritis
Chapter 13: HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis and Other Infectious Diseases

Web Directory

Part V: Staying Healthy in All the Seasons of Life
Chapter 14: Infants', Kids', and Teens' Health
Chapter 15: Women's Health
Chapter 16: Men's Health
Chapter 17: Seniors' Health

Part VI: Using the Web for Wellness
Chapter18: Eating Right, Staying Fit
Chapter19: Mental Fitness

Part VII: Part of Tens
Chapter 20: Ten Virtual Health Fair Booths
Chapter 21: Ten Must-See Health Sites

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