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"The map is not the territory, the word is not the thing." -- Alfred Korzybski

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E-Conflict World Encyclopedia
Country information including maps, lyrics to national anthems, media links and shopping, too.

Lonely Planet -- Destinations
Click on a the globe and you'll get profiles and maps of individual countries.

Maps @
They're just a MapMachine.

Maps in the News
See where the news is happening. -- World Map
Where exactly is Uzbekistan? How about Burkina? Find out using this interactive world atlas featuring all 50 US states and over 190 nations.
The largest online atlas of high-resolution satellite imagery and aerial photography. You can see and download a satellite view of your own home.

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From Here to There

Canadian Road Conditions Map
Click on any province or territory shown in color to get its road report.

How Far is It?
Not a map, but a handy way to find out how far it is from here to there.

When Bob Hope and Bing Crosby made their "On the Road" movies, they could have taken advantage of Maporama. This site offers mapping services for a wide array of countries from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. In some cases, directions are available for trips by subway and by foot as well as expressway and city streets.

Maps, driving directions, live traffic reports, traffic cam and more.

Subway Navigator
An underground guide to subway systems round the world
Go with the flow of traffic in many major U.S. cities. This site offers up traffic alerts and, in some cases, feeds off sensors in the road to show congestion.

U.S. National Traffic and Road Closure Information
Click on a state for traffic and closure information. Also includes construction, weather and traffic conditions

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And Beyond

Achoo! The National Pollen Network presents maps on today's tree pollen, grass pollen, mold spore and weed pollen. Gesundheit.

Flight Tracker
Follow a flight in real time from start to finish on a map. You can also view airport maps and destination information.

Nuclear Blast Mapper
A map with a social conscience. See how much damage a nuclear blast causes.

Get in the zone for the time and place you're looking for.

The Weather Channel Maps
Features maps of current weather, severe weather, 48-hour forecast, 7-day forecast, Doppler radar, satellite views and more.

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