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except the things in the world that just don't add up."
-- James Magary

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Acceleration Equivalents [UPDATE]
Enables you to convert between nine units of acceleration. [New URL]

Angular Acceleration
Convert to and from various units.

Angular Velocity
Convert to and from various units.

Area Equivalents [UPDATE]
Convert area measures from one square unit to another. [New URL]

Biopolymer Calculator
Calculate the molecular weight, the extinction coefficient, the concentration, and the melting temperature of a single stranded nucleic acid. Additionally, you can enter a protein sequence and calculate the molecular weight (using average isotopic mass), extinction coefficient, the concentration, and the formal charge. For both sets, either nucleotide or amino acid composition and percentages are calculated.

The Body Height/Weight Converter
Converts body height and body weight from English to metric units or from metric to English units. [New URL]

Body Surface Area Calculator
A form which allows you to calculate an adult's Body Surface Area (BSA), based on height and weight.

Convert to and from various units.

Capacity and Volume
Convert between metric, U.S. liquid and dry measures, British Imperial liquid and dry measures, Old Russian liquid and dry measures, and cooking measures. Just enter the amount you know and then click in any other box to see all the conversions.

Circular Measure Conversion
Enter either the circumference, radian, degree, grade or nautical rhumb to find the other four.

Compressible Aerodynamics Calculator
Computes the standard relations for compressible flow of a perfect gas.

Computer Storage Conversion
Converts between bits, bytes, megabytes and seven other computer data storage units.

Conversion Page
Use this page to convert to and from U.S. fluid to metric measures and U.S. dry to metric measures.

Conversion of Units
Convert to and from over 500 different units.

Dendritics -- Units Calculator
Convert weight between grams, carats, pennyweights, ounces.

Density Altitude Calculator
This calculator shows you how much the air conditions on any given day will alter the density of the air. Enter the altitude, temperature, altimeter setting and humidity, then click the calculate button. [New URL]

Energy/Work Equivalents [UPDATE]
This site gives you nine choices of units of energy/work to convert to and from. [New URL]

Fruit Conversions
Apples and oranges.

Geometric Calculators
A trio of calculators to help you determine the circumference and radius of a circle, the surface area and volume of a cone, and the surface area and volume of a sphere.

Graphing Vector Calculator
Learn about vectors and vector operations by sketching and playing with them.

Heat Index Converter
This calculator will take your air temperature and relative humidity and calculate the heat index.

Ideal Gas Law Calculator
Solve for pressure, volume, moles or temperature.

Illuminance Conversions
Convert between seven units of illuminance.

Inductance Conversions
Convert between seven units of inductance.

Inverse Symbolic Calculator
A set of programs and specialized tables of mathematical constants dedicated to the identification of real numbers. It also serves as a way to produce identities with functions and real numbers.

Jumpin' Jehosaphat, the Counting Sheep
Give Jehosaphat a simple math problem to solve and she'll jump the answer!

Length Conversions
Convert lengths between twenty-five different units of measurement.

Luminance Conversions
Convert between five different luminance units of measure.

Magnetic Flux Conversions
Convert between three different units of magnetic flux.

Mass Conversions
Convert between forty-seven different units of measurement.

More than forty calculators in one, with links to dozens more.

Metric Conversion in Javascript
World Wide Metric presents four calculators to convert to and from metric. There's one each for length, weight, pressure and volume.

Metrology Equivalents
Convert to and from eight units of metrology.

Percent Calculator
Helps you figure out percentages easily.

Power Conversions
Convert to and from eight units of power.

Prime Number Calculator
Easily determine if a number is prime or not.

Specific Heat Conversions [UPDATE]
Convert to and from three units of specific heat. [New URL]

Temperature Conversion Calculator
Convert a temperature to and from Celsius, Fahrenheit, Réamur, Kelvin and
rankine. [New URL]

Thermal Conductivity Conversions
Convert to and from nine units of thermal conductivity.

Time Conversions
Convert to and from fourteen units of time.

Torque Conversions
Convert to and from five units of torque.

U.S. Fluid or Liquid Equivalents
Convert between eight different units.

Velocity Conversions
Convert to and from twenty-nine units of velocity.

Volume Conversions
Convert to and from seventy-six units of volume.

The Weather Calculator
The El Paso National Weather Service Office's weather calculator features temperature, moisture, pressure and wind unit conversions for 16 different weather-related variables.

WebMath: Instant Solutions to your Math Problems
This is a site with calculators that will help you solve a huge variety of math problems from everyday simple problems (figuring a tip; the sale price of an item) to word problems, converting fractions to decimals, as well as help with trigonomy and calculus problems.

Weight Conversion
Several tools for converting units of weight and mass.

Wind Chill Calculator
Fill in the temperature and wind speed, then click Calculate.

Wind Shade Calculator [UPDATE]
This calculator shows the shelter effect (wind shade) of blunt obstacles (buildings, trees) in any 30 degree sector near a wind turbine. [New URL]
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Activity Calorie Calculator
Calculate the number of calories you burn for 156 activities. Fill in your weight and the average amount of time you spend working out. If you enter the time as one minute, you'll you know how many calories your body burns per minute for each activity.

Asthma Calculator
This calculator can help you determine if asthma is causing you to be out of breath. [New URL]

Bladder Control Calculator
This calculator can help you determine the reasons why you may be always looking for a bathroom. [New URL]

Blood-Alcohol Content Calculator
This calculator can help you determine your BAC [Blood-Alcohol Content].

Body Fat Estimator
This estimator uses two different methods, one based on height and weight, the other based on waist size and weight, to estimate your body fat. (Taking the results with a large grain of salt is recommended.)

Body Height Weight Converter
Converts body height and body weight from American to metric and from metric to American units.

Body Surface Area Calculator for Medication Doses
Calculates Body Surface Area for medication doses and includes descriptive statistics.

Breast Cancer Risk Calculator
Calculate a woman's probability of developing breast cancer, using risk factors.

Calorie Calculator
Enter your height, weight, age, sex and daily activity level to find your calorie calculations.

Calorie Control Council's Enhanced Calorie Calculator
Search the database for the foods you've eaten (or plan to eat) throughout the day. Calculator will generate number of calories and fat grams for your daily diet. Follow the directions at the bottom of the page.

Calories Burned, BMI and BMR Calculator New
Calculate calories burned from a list of activities, plus BMI and BMR. Work in calories or kilojoules; pounds, kilograms or stones; feet or centimeters; miles or kilometers.

Carbohydrate Calculator
This calculator helps you determine what is your daily carbohydrate intake requirement.

Caregivers' Readiness Calculator
This calculator helps you assess your readiness to be a caregiver while helping you find practical ways to get help and learn how to cope with the stresses of caregiving.

Cholesterol Reduction Calculator
This calculator helps you determine if you are at risk for heart disease.

Cost of Smoking Calculator
Have you got money to burn?

Depression Calculator
This calculator will help you determine if what you're feeling is more than the blues.

Diabetes Type II Risk Calculator
This calculator helps you determine if you are at risk for adult-onset diabetes.

Due Date Calculator
Use this calculator to figure out when your baby is due.

Exercise Risk Calculator
Use the Exercise Risk Calculator to determine whether or not you should consult a physician before starting an exercise program.

Fat Intake Calculator
What is your recommended daily fat intake?

Fiber Calculator
This calculator helps you determine your daily fiber requirement.

Food Calories and Nutrition Calculator New
Calculate calories and nutrition for grocery and fast food items; enter your own food items and recipes; compare foods for high or low protein, fat, carbohydrate, fiber or sodium content; track calories burned vs. calories eaten.

Growth Percentile Calculator
See how your child's measurements compare to those of his or her peers.

Heart Disease Risk Calculator
This calculator can assess the likelihood that you will experience coronary heart disease in the next 10 years.

Height Prediction Calculator
This calculator will predict how tall a child is likely to be. You enter the child's sex, age, weight and height and the height of the child's mother and father.

HIV Risk Calculator
Use the HIV risk quiz to help you determine whether you should take an HIV test.

Nicotine Dependency Calculator
This nicotine dependency test will help determine your level of nicotine addiction.

Ovulation Calculator
To help determine the time range for ovulation, this ovulation calculator takes day 14, the middle day in the spread, and the length of your cycle, as its variables.

The Postpartum Weight-Loss Calculator
Helps you determine how many calories you should eat to lose those post-baby pounds.

Preconception Weight Loss or Gain Calculator
"Planning to get pregnant? Getting down -- or up -- to your ideal body weight can help you have a healthier pregnancy. How much should you weigh? Find out here. "

Pregnancy Calendar
Generate a customized day-by-day calendar of your pregnancy based on your baby's due date.

Pregnancy Weight Gain Estimator
Not sure how much weight you're supposed to gain? And where does it all go, anyway? Enter your pre-pregnancy height and weight, and you'll get an estimate.

Protein Calculator
Are you eating enough protein?

Sleep Calculator [UPDATE]
Are you getting the sleep you need? [New URL]

Stress Calculator
Use the stress calculator to categorize how stressed you are.

Target Heart Rate Calculator
You enter your personal statistics to find your target heart rate while exercising.

Waist to Hip Ratio Calculator
Are you an apple or a pear?
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Affordability Analyzer
A calculator which helps you determine the price of the house that you could afford to buy based on an analysis of your savings and your budget.

Annual Yield Calculator
This calculator computes the annual yield required to achieve a given total return over a specified number of years. To calculate the required annual yield, you either enter a total rate of return or the present value and desired future value of the investment.

Annuity Calculator
Estimate how your savings will grow over time.

Car Lease Calculator
This calculator takes a MSRP, bargained discount (%), down payment, lease length and lending rate to calculate estimated lease payments.

CCH Federal Withholding Calculator
This calculator may be used to determine the appropriate withholding allowances and additional withholding amount to be reported to the taxpayer's employer on Form W-4. This calculator reflects the tax law changes, rate decreases, and inflation-adjusted amounts that are applicable to 2002 taxes.

College Budget Planner
This site helps create a realistic budget for college expenses. It includes those items easy to overlook, like newspaper subscriptions, auto registration and pet care expenses.

College Cost Projector
College costs increase at about twice the inflation rate. Current increases have averaged from 6% to 7%. The College Cost Projector calculates an estimate of how much college will cost several years from now.

Compounding Calculator
This calculator takes a lump of money and compounds it monthly over a fixed period of time at a fixed annual yield. Plus it allows you to add monthly contributions.

Convertible Balloon Mortgage Calculator
You enter the principal balance, type of loan, initial interest as a percent, the monthly pre-payment during initial fixed period and whether you'd like the output as HTML or plain text.

Crochet Stitch Calculator New
A collection of calculators to help you figure out your gauge.

Financial Aid Estimation Form
This form is used to prepare an estimate of the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) and financial need.

Historical Currency Table
The Historical Currency Table allows you to download a whole period with exchange rates plus an average, high and low rate.

How Much Estate Tax Will You Pay?
This calculator provides a way to estimate what your estate might be worth in the future.

Inflation Calculator
This calculator adjusts any given amount of money for inflation, according to the Consumer Price Index, from 1800 to 2001.

Life Insurance Needs Calculator
Helps you estimate how much life insurance you should carry, so that there will be enough money to pay for your children's education and your family's living expenses should you die.

Loan Calculator and Amortization
Suppy the loan amount, loan term in months or years, interest rate, loan start date and this calculator will figure your monthly payment. You can also calculate the impact of extra payments.

Loan Comparison Calculator
Computes an estimated monthly loan payments for three loans at the same time. You can also use it to compare the total payments and total interest paid for different interest rates, loan terms, and monthly payments.

Loan Payment Calculator
The Loan Payment Calculator computes an estimate of the size of monthly loan payments and the annual salary required to manage them without too much financial difficulty.

OANDA Currency Converter
You can view any exchange rates among the 164 currencies for any day since 1 January 1990 through today. The currency converter is updated daily at 8:00 p.m. EST. Type the amount you wish to exchange. Choose the desired currencies and a date (note the day/month/year format).

Parent Loan Calculator
This Parent Loan Advisor provides you with an estimate of the amount of educational debt you can reasonably afford for your children's education, given

Precious Metal Calculator [UPDATE]
Calculate the latest on-line price for gold, silver, platinum, palladium. [New URL]

Relocation Salary Calculator
This site, which maintains cost of living information in hundreds of U.S. and international cities, helps you figure out what an equivalent salary would be in the new city compared to what you earn where you live now. Hint: Omit commas when entering salary figures.

Roth vs Traditional IRA Calculator
Compares Roth vs traditional IRAs based on your current age, IRA balance, annual contributions, estimated returns, inflation, and tax rates.

Saving Bonds Redemptive Value
Supply denomination, series, and date of issue. Then click on "compute value."

Savings Growth Projector
This calculator illustrates how regular contributions to an interest-bearing bank account or investment fund will grow due to compound interest. Interest is compounded at the same rate as the contribution frequency.

Savings Plan Designer
Shows how much money you must contribute each month to an interest-bearing bank account or investment fund in order to reach your savings goals.

Savings Plan Yield Calculator
This calculator computes the annual interest rate required to reach your savings goal given the present value of your savings, the value of your regular contributions, and the amount of time available.

Student Loan Advisor
The Student Loan Advisor provides you with an estimate of the amount of educational debt you can reasonably afford, given the expected starting salary for your major. This advisor is for Undergraduate students; links are provided for advisors for Master's and Doctoral students.

Tuition Savings Calculator
Enter the current annual tuition of your favorite institution and what you think your average tuition inflation and investment return will be. Then put in the years until your children go to school and how much you have already to invest and how much you will contribute each year.

What's Missing Calculator?
This calculator finds the missing variable for a loan. If you know the payment, term and the loan amount it calculates the interest rate. If you know the payment amount, loan amount and the interest rate, it calculates the term.

What's Your Yield?
Enter your starting balance, your ending balance, monthly contribution and number of years and find what monthly yield would be required.
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All 'Round the House

Attic Insulation Calculator
Calculate energy savings with increased insulation. Click on the insulation you currently have and then the insulation you would like to add to see how much heat you could save.

Bath Estimator
Use this Bath Estimator to get a ballpark figure how much it will cost to remodel your general bathroom type. Then drill down into each bathroom component, choose features and products you want, and see how it affects the bottom line.

Board Feet Estimator
All rough lumber is sold by the number of board feet. To figure out how many board feet you must type in the dimensions of the wood in inches.

Bolts and Screws: Conversion from Fractions of an Inch to Millimeters
Not a calculator, but a handy chart that will help you convert bolts and screws sizes from fractions of an inch to millimeters.

Carbon Debt Calculator
Figure out the amount of carbon dioxide that your household is responsible for releasing into the air through energy use and other activities, and estimate your impact on global warming.

Carpet Calculator
Helps you determine the total square feet of the area to be tiled and the number of tiles you'll need.

Ceramic Tile Calculator
The carpet calculator allows you to determine the area of one or more rooms and then calculate how much carpeting is required. It also determines how much carpeting is required for hallways, stairs, and landings.

The Community Calculator
Helps you identify neighborhoods in other communities in the United States with lifestyles that match yours.

Compare Furnace Efficiencies
This applet will determine how much money you will save (or spend) when purchasing a new furnace. Just plug in the old furnace efficiency rating (either known or estimated) and the efficiency rating of the new furnace you are planning on purchasing and you'll get the answer.

Concrete Calculator [UPDATE]
This applet estimates the cubic yards of concrete needed for a given area.[New URL]

Cost of Carpeting Calculator
This applet will determine how much you will spend on carpeting given the dimensions of a room and the price of the carpet.

Deck Estimator
Use this estimator to pick your deck size and material, add in a few options, and then get a close estimate. Pricing is locally based, according to your zip code.

Drywall Tile Calculator
Helps you figure out how many 4 x 8 sheets of drywall you'll need.

Fencing Estimator
This applet will determine how many posts are needed for a fencing project. Just plug in the area of fencing and spacing in feet between posts.

Fertilizer Calculator
This calculator will help you figure out how much fertilizer to put on your lawn.

Floor Tile Estimator
You enter the surface width and length of your floor, demensions of borders you'd like, if any, and the size of the tile. Click on "create a shopping list," which generates the number field and border tiles recommended to do the job.

Fuel Cost Comparisons
This calculator will estimate the cost associated with each type of fuel. You will need to know your local prices and the efficiency of your heating equipment, although estimates have been supplied. Adjust the numbers below to correspond to your particular situation.

High-Efficiency Fluorescent Lighting Cost Savings Calculator
This calculator lets you see how much you could save - dollars and energy - by using high-efficiency fluorescent lights instead of the old standard incandescent bulbs. Or, if you already use the fluorescent, you can find out how much you are already saving.

How Much Insulation?
How much insulation do you need to puchase? To figure this out, enter the gross area to be covered (ie. the area of your ceiling) and the width of centers your home's framing is on.

Kitchen Estimator
Use this calculator to get a ballpark figure how much it will cost to remodel your general kitchen type. Then drill down into each kitchen component, choose features and products you want, and see how it affects the bottom line.

Lumber Calculator
Helps you figure out how much lumber you'll need.

Miter Saw Calculator
Calculator of saw angles to cut sloped sided regular polygons.

Moving Cost Calculator
Use this calculator to estimate interstate or local moving cost in the United States. Step 1 is to pick states, step 2 is to pick cities and list furnished rooms.

Paint Calculator
You enter the room dimensions to calculate the total painting area and find out how many gallons of paint you'll need.

Patio Estimator
Use this estimator to pick your deck size and material, add in a few options, and then get a close estimate. Pricing is locally based, according to your zip code.

Roofing Estimator
To determine how many roofing squares you need for your project, click the blue button and enter the measurements of your roof�rounded to the nearest foot�into the pop-up calculator.

Sheet Vinyl Calculator
Helps you figure out how much sheet vinyl to buy.

Soil Texture Triangle: Hydraulic Properties Calculator
Click on the triangle or enter values for percent sand and percent clay and click on [Calculate] to obtain the soil properties.

Thermostat Set-Back
Calculates fuel savings by adjusting your thermostat settings. (Scroll down the page.)

Wallboard Estimator
This applet estimates the number of wallboard needed to cover a wall using the perimeter of a room. The program assumes 8 foot ceilings and also can take into account the doors, windows, and/or fireplaces.

Wallpaper Calculator
You enter the room dimensions and the calculator does the rest.

Water Consumption Calculator
Enter the details about your household's water usage to calculate your total water consumption in terms of litres per week and cubic metres per year.

Water Softener Estimator
This applet estimates the amount of softening power required in order to reduce the hardness in your water. You enter details about your water usage and the hardness of your water.

Window and Door Estimator
This applet calculates the square feet of "Openings" (windows and doors) for each room.

Window Air Conditioner Estimator
Calculates the size of a window air conditioner for your circumstances.

Window Upgrades
Calculate energy savings with various window replacements.

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A Measure of Everything Else

The Abacus: The Art of Calculating with Beads
Explains the history and use of this ancient calculator. Site includes click and point abacus.

The Age Calculator
Enter your birthdate and you'll see your age in years, weeks, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds and a countdown to how long til your next birthday.

Alta Vista Translation Service -- BabelFish
You provide either plain text or the address (URL) of a Web page to translate from English into French, Spanish, Portuguese, German or Italian or vice versa. For real fun, try translating something into a second language and then back again into the original language.

Amateur Radio RF Safety Calculator
Use this calculator to estimate power density in the main lobe of an antenna, with use of the EPA-recommended ground reflection factor as an option.

Arto's String Calculator
A page for calculating plain string tensions and diameters. Made with lute instruments in mind, it can be used for all stringed instruments: harpsichord, harp, viola da gamba, guitar, even grand piano.

Baby Name Finder
Helps you pick the perfect name for your baby. Find a name by sex, ethnic origin, number of syllables, etc.

Barcode Server
Fill in the field with a 12-digit number and it will generate a barcode for you, like those UPC things see on food, or the codes on CDs and tapes. Also has a link to a site which explains how barcodes work.

Beer Recipator
A Beer Recipe Calculator. An interactive set of web pages that homebrewers can use to formulate their recipes online. Calculations for original gravity, color, and bitterness are all carried out on the same web page, much like a typical spreadsheet program.

The Biorythm Calculator
Enter your birthdate and press the Calc button for your physical, emotional and intellectual readings.

Birthdate Calculator
Calculates birthdate from death date and age of death in day-month-year format.

Bowling Score Calculator
Keep track of your bowling game or virtually replay a previous game and find out what a difference making that spare in the fifth frame might have made.

Calculation of the Ecclesiastical Calendar
Enter a year, get the days and dates for several Ecclesiastical celebrations during that year, including Easter and the movable celebrations related to it.

Calendar Converter
This page allows you to convert dates among various calendar systems. Each date entered will be converted to: Gregorian calendar, Julian day, Julian calendar, Hebrew calendar, Islamic calendar, Persian calendar, Mayan calendar, Bahai calendar, Indian Civil calendar, French republican calendar and ISO-8601 Week and Day and Day of the Year.

Cat Age Calculator
Fill in your cat's current age and click the button to see your cat's age in human years.

Cooking Measures and Conversion Calculator
Sponsored by eGG (electronic Gourmet Guide), this site features a series of calculators for cooks who need to convert within or between British and American systems of measure.

Crossword Helper
You enter the letters that are known in the corresponding boxes. Then select the length of the word and click the "Show Completions" button. All words of the specifed length with matching characters in the corresponding positions will be displayed. [New URL -- Click on the link and choose "Crossword Helper" from the menu.]

Crypto Cracker
Crypto Cracker is a tool for cracking word ciphers, also known as cryptograms or cryptoquotes, a puzzle where one letter in the puzzle is substituted with another. Will also encrypt a phrase.

Day Count Calculator
This calculator will tell you the number of days between two dates.

The Death Clock
"The Internet's friendly reminder that life is slipping away... second by second. Like the hourglass of the Net, the Death Clock will remind you just how short life is."

Dog Age Calculator
To find your dog's age in human years, to enter your dog's age and press the fetch button.

Egyptian Math Calculator
Use the calculator and the numbers are translated into hieroglyphics.

Fabric Calculator
Helps you figure out how much fabric you'll need to make a quilt. You enter the size of the quilt block, the number of blocks across and down and the width of the fabric. If you include the percentages of lights, mediums and darks you're planning, the calculator can give you the yardage by value.

Golf Handicap Calculator
Enter your last 5 scores along with the corresponding Course Rating and Slope Rating.

Great Circle Distance Calculator [UPDATE]
This java applet calculates the Great circle distance between two points on the Earth's surface. Just enter the Latitude and longitude in degress, minutes and seconds of both points and click 'Calculate.' [New URL]

Hop Bitterness Calculator
Fill out the form to find out the estimated Bittering Units (BU) in your homebrew and click "Calculate." The Bitterness Calculator takes into account both the time of boil and the wort gravity during the boil.

Horse Height Conversion
This calculator helps you convert back and forth between hands and other measurements of height.

How Far Is It?
You supply the name, zip code, or longitude and latitude of any two places in the world and you can find the distance between them (as the crow flies). This site will also provide a map showing the two places, if you wish.

International Shoe Size Conversion Chart
Not a calculator, but a chart which helps you convert international shoe sizes.

Internet File Download Time Calculator
You enter the size of the file (KB, MB or GB) and the speed of your connection to find out how many hours, minutes, and seconds it will take to download the file.

The Intoximeters Inc. Drink Wheel Page
The Drink Wheel is a form that you can fill out that will compute your estimated blood/breath alcohol concentration ("BAC") based on your information.

Java Morse Code Translator [UPDATE]
You type in the text you'd like translated into code in the Input box and push the button. Or enter Morse code in the box then push the button to translate it to words. [New URL]

Leap Year Calculator
Check to see is a certain year is a leap year or to find the leap years within a range of years.

The Longevity Game
Calculate how long you can expect to live based on life insurance industry research.

Lye Calculator
This is a tool for soapmakers to create new soap recipes. The Lye Calculator will calculate the amount of lye (either sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide) required to convert the specified amount of fats and oils to soap.

Mayan Date Calculator
This calculator will give a long count, calendar round, and night god for any date from 1903 onwards.

Meeting Room Size Calculatorr
Find the approximate room size you'll need depending on your room setup and arrangement.

Mediarama's Hex Converter
Converts RGB values from paint programs into Hex for homepage design.

MegaConverter 2
Unique interface calculates a diverse range of unit conversions between both modern (metric, U.S., British, etc.) and ancient measuring systems. Also includes a variety of other conversions: hardware nails, numbers in the millions and billions and zillons, typography, weight in space, kitchen measures and much, much more.

Men's Clothing Conversion
Convert men's clothing sizes between different countries.Includes shirts, suits, coats, sweaters, shoes, hats, and underwear.

Office Space Calculator
Two methods of calculating your office space needs are provided. The first is based on general rules of thumb. The second goes into greater detail and is more accurate. Using both methods will provide you with a range of your probable requirement. The results are presented in terms of usable square footage. [Select this option from the menu on the left.]

Paper Sizes
Although this site does not have a calculator, it does deal with measures. Specifically, the measurements of sheets of paper. It features history of paper sizes and charts which show standard U.S. and European paper sizes.

Quad Antenna Calculator
The Quad Antenna Calculator will give you specific measurements and instructions to construct a Quad Antenna for a given frequency. You simply fill in the box with the frequency and it calculates such details as length of each side of quad total length of elements, spacing between each element and details for construction. This calculator is of interest to all Radio Amateurs.

Quarterback Passer Rating Calculator
Fill in the number of attempts, completions, passing yards, touchdowns and interceptions and the quarterback passer rating will be figured for you.

Ring Size Conversion
Convert your ring size to the ring size used in other countries.

Search the FLfT Pages
Search the Foreign Languages for Travelers Pages for a particular word or phrase to be translated into all 30 of the languages FLfT covers. The searches are case-insensitive and you can enter a word in any language. Wildcards (*) and Boolean searches are allowed.

Smoke Density Calculator
This calculator computes diesel soot density from smoke opacity.

The Sock Calculator
Calculates instructions for knitting a pair of socks. Supply the gauge you'd like, enter a series of measurements and decide whether you'd like to hand or machine knit and the directions will be supplied.

This to That (Glue Advice)
Choose what you'd like to glue to what (fabric, wood, plastic, paper, glass, etc.) and they'll recommend the glue to use.

Turbo! Tire Size Calculator
Use this customized tire size calculator to compare your current tire size to a new and different size tire, or any two tire sizes you might think of (within reason).

Typography Conversion
Convert between five units of typography.

USPS Domestic Rate Calculator
United States Postal Service calculator that helps you figure out how much it will cost to mail that letter or package. There is a link on this page to an international rate calculator, as well.

Virtual Mexico Mall -- Mileage Calculator
Click on any two city names with red dots on this map of Mexico to see the driving distance between the two cities.

Wheat Seeding Rate Calculator
Use this calculator to decide how much seed you need to plant to obtain the desired plant population and calibrate your seeder.

Women's Clothing Conversion
Conversions between American and other countries' sizes for women's blouses and sweaters, shoes, and dresses in junior, misses and women's sizes.

Word Frequency Indexer
Create a frequency index, or 'word list', of any text. Just paste or type in your text and select the sort order you'd like.

Word Jumble [UPDATE]
Helps you unscramble words with up to 25 characters. [New URL -- Click on the link and choose "Word Jumble" from the menu.]

Word Morph [UPDATE]
You enter a word and the computer will come up with a list of words differing from the original word by one letter. [New URL -- Click on the link and choose "Word Morph" from the menu.]

Words in a Word [UPDATE]
Helps you solve those "How many words can you find in a word?" puzzles. You put in your starting word, indicate the minimum number of letters a word can have, and the computer will do the rest. [New URL -- Many people have written to me saying they can't access this site, so here's a backdoor into it. Click on the link and choose "Words in a Word" from the menu.]

Yardage Calculators
A collection of tables to convert yards to metres, or to calculate how much fabric you need to buy for your quilting projects.

Your Name in Japanese
Type in your English name and it will translate your name into Japanese.

Your Name in Latin
Type in your first name, last name and place where you live and it will translate your name into Latin.

Your Weight on Other Planets New
Enter your weight and find out. Be glad you don't live on Jupiter!
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