Calgary Wedding Photography Tips: Finding a photographer

Use the Internet to start your Calgary Wedding Photographers Search

Wedding Picture Forest CalgaryIn the age of the Internet, it is silly not to use it as a tool for your wedding planning. Calgary wedding photography is an integral part of your day. The photographer is the artist who will be responsible for recording this extremely special day. You do not want something to go wrong, such as blurry photographs, damaged photographs, or no images of the day at all. Plenty can happen if you hire Calgary wedding photographers without proper research. The Internet can help you conduct research in a few ways.
A Moment to Discuss Traditional Networking
Networking, the traditional way, is not a lost art form. Using suggestions from coworkers, family, and friends is one way to start your research into Calgary wedding photographers. It is not the only method. You may have a family friend who is a photographer, but they may not do weddings. This person may not do the style of Calgary wedding photography you want. While it is good to use word of mouth suggestions, you also need to think outside of the box in how to vet the wedding photographer of your choice.

Conducting a Search

Even if you have a couple of names from family, friend and coworkers use a search engine to find Calgary wedding photographers. Do a “blanket” search using keywords. You should get the top 10 photographers located in Calgary or your neighborhood. If the name you already obtained is one of them, you know they are professional and working to ensure their website is viewable for potential clients.
You want your wedding photographer to have a website for several reasons. One you can check out their “about us” section, look at their gallery of photos, and read their blogs. This gives you an idea of their photography style, professionalism, and care for clients. You also get clues about the various photographers working at the company, their personality and sensibility.

Check Social Media

After you visit a website such as JM Weddings, it is important to visit their social media pages. Are they active on Facebook and Twitter? What do they tweet about? If there are posts on Facebook from clients, potential clients, and others how do they respond or do they respond at all? If there is any feedback on social media is it good?

Read Reviews

Reviews are a secondary step in your research for Calgary wedding photographers. The first three suggestions are delving into the true information and locating someone you think will make your wedding photos perfect. Reviews are secondary because they matter, but can be open to interpretation. Unfortunately a lot of trouble has occurred with fake reviews and it is hard to trust any 100% of the time. However, if you find one complaint it is natural, two can happen, but three complaints against one company or photographer often means there is something more going on.

Making it to the Third Step

Only after you research companies, do a little networking on and off line, will you be ready for the next step in Calgary wedding photography. The next step is setting up interviews. The process will not be discussed in full here, as there is a full article dedicated to this portion of finding the right Calgary wedding photographers. Just know you need to interview more than one photography company. The interview should tell you whether you feel comfortable with the people who will take your photos on the day of your wedding. It is the last phase before making the decision regarding who to hire.