Calgary Wedding Photographers: Budget and Pricings

Learning the styles, the research necessary, and interviewing wedding photographers you are to the point of making a decision about which one you will hire. There are still comparison points that need to be made before calling up the photographer and booking the date. These are part of the decision process.

Comparing Packages

Wedding Picture in Calgary MountainsThe in-person interview will narrow down the Calgary wedding photography details including the cost of the package you want. Packages differ in fees based on the type of package. It is partly about style, but also about the time you need the photographer to be on hand. The more hours spent taking photographers the higher the cost of your package. A full set including engagement photos, bachelor/bachelorette party, preparation day, wedding ceremony, portraits with family, reception, and after party photos can be more than CA $15,000. This includes all the shooting fees, prints, album, hours and date you book the photographer for. For example you may find packages are more affordable for a during the week wedding as a discount versus a full weekend photography set. These points are just a part of how to compare the packages. You also want to make certain the package includes everything and there is no room for the photographer to go over budget.
Sometimes arranging for portrait photos during the wedding day can lead to extra time needed to get photos of the entire event. Great Calgary wedding photographers plan for this to make certain everything is included in the package estimate they provide you. In this way if there is a little time where the photographer runs over it is already in the package and not subject to an overtime rate.
Most soon-to-be-married couples focus on budget when planning their entire wedding. It is not surprising that choosing a wedding photographer would eventually be based on budget. Remember you have chosen to interview the two or three Calgary wedding photographers because of your research including the fees for the typical wedding package you saw online.
You can eliminate or add certain poses, styles, and time to your package based on your budget.

Examine the Outline of Fees

You should not focus wholly on the total of the package. Look at the different fees and compare them between photographers. Is one photographer charging more for setting up or for taking candid shots during the preparation process? Are there incidentals mentioned on the invoice that may be an accounting of possible overtime or is this for something else? Is the photographer accounting for any secondary staff they may need to take certain shots? Do you have the budget to add a second photographer that could go around while portrait poses are taken and get candid shots of other attendees?

Matching your Desires with your Budget

You may need to sacrifice certain aspects of preparation or full wedding photography shots to stay within budget. No one likes the subject of money and it is a fairly boring topic when talking Calgary wedding photography. Nevertheless, it is important to realise that obtaining the Calgary wedding photographer you want may involve package sacrifices.
Decide what is most important about the record of your day and see if you can find a package within your budget that fits this. You may need to ask a friend to take candid shots during makeup and dressing preparations. Perhaps you have the maid of honour helping the bride take memorable shots, while the best man records memories during the groom’s dressing process. This way you can make certain the ceremony and reception get the full attention both wedding aspects deserve from a professional photographer.